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Caring Communities Annual Members, Board and Committee meetings were held April 2-5, 2019 in Naples, Florida.

The Caring Communities team is now spearheading a strategy that concentrates and aligns our efforts with partner organizations to prevent falls.

At the 2019 Member, Board and Committee Meetings, Caring Communities Member representatives were introduced to VirtuAlert, an optical device that can be easily installed in any room. It is designed to detect the type of resident movements that precipitate falls and send a notification to a caregiver for immediate response. One of our Members is currently testing this technology.

2018 Financial Results

Last year proved to be one of Caring Communities’ best years in growth and profitability while maintaining solid underwriting and investments and a low expense ratio. Chad Swigert, Caring Communities CFO, confirmed a profitable year, with Caring Communities’ family of companies retaining its AM Best Rating of “A Excellent.” The company returned nearly $2 million to our Members in the form of dividends and another $2 million in Subscriber Savings Account allocations. Since Caring Communities began nearly 20 years ago, almost $58 million in dividends and $32 million in Subscriber Savings Account allocations have been received by Members.

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