Member Profile

Caring Communities and its Members seek like-minded organizations to help us be leaders in the industry, constantly better our practices, and protect our organizations. Member characteristics include:

  1. Provides and manages housing, community living, and related services for seniors on a not-for-profit basis
  2. Its exposure units are in good balance in terms of independent living units (including affordable housing), assisted living and skilled nursing beds
  3. The organization’s financial underpinnings allow it to invest in and become an owner of Caring Communities
  4. The organization’s leadership desires to actively participate with others in developing strategies that help Caring Communities continue on its successful path
  5. The organization’s senior management:
    • Encourages a non-punitive environment and the rapid reporting of any incident that might later lead to a claim
    • Desires to work side-by-side with Caring Communities to achieve early and successful claims resolution
    • Promotes an enterprise-wide culture of safety and pursues ongoing quality care and service improvements
    • Establishes risk management as a board-level priority within its organization