Mission & Principles

Our Mission

Caring Communities, through its financial strength, underwrites liability insurance for high quality member-owner, nonprofit senior housing and service organizations; assists primarily Member-owners with exceptional risk management through the development of best practices, education and peer support and provides related insurance services and products.

Core Principles


Caring Communities primary duty is to meet all of its contractual obligations to all of its Policyholders.

Disciplined Operation

An absolute commitment to disciplined underwriting practices, setting insurance premiums on an actuarially sound basis, procuring reinsurance protection against large losses, and conservative asset management.

Skin in the Game

All Participating Members must be Caring Communities’ Policyholders, have made a long term strategic commitment to the Company and have contributed sufficient capital to fulfill the Company’s primary duty.

Accountable Risk Management

Holding Members accountable for implementing proven risk management practices and participating in top quality educational programs to improve resident quality of life.

Engaged CEOs

Direct involvement of Member CEOs in Caring Communities’ governance and attendance at Membership meetings.